image NATURE has it that a man is usually first attracted to the physical beauty of a woman. In fact, many men think that a beautiful, stylish and educated woman will make the perfect partner, hands down. But guys, do you really know what is hiding behind the PhD and Louis Vuittons? If your aim is to have a meaningful and lasting relationship then continue reading to see if you are hitching yourself to the woman you should totally avoid.

1. The one without a dream

Run as fast as you can if her major goals in life don’t include acquiring a solid education and a career. Get packing if she is only too happy to be the dependent stay-at-home girlfriend hoping to become your wife and mother of your several children. This type of behaviour only suggests that she is not fully grown into being her own person but relies on the traditional prescribed role of what a woman should be.

2. The ‘family’ girl

It will hardly ever work out with the woman who hasn’t fully declared her independence from her mother. This is the one who lets her family in on every detail of your relationship and is afraid of making any decision without her family’s input. If she gives her parents keys to your apartment so they can have open access to your lives, it’s time to start packing your way out of the relationship. This type of behaviour only shows that she is still a child and that she is far from being wife material.

3. The material girl

It is normal for a woman to have high on her list of criteria a man who is a good provider and who meshes with her desire to raise a family. However, there are those who desire a lifestyle of the world’s finest things which of course have to be purchased. This is also the type of woman who expects a man to be financially responsible for her throughout her lifetime because she is biologically a female. Men, should you meet the woman above, instantly delete yourself from her life, because not only will you be setting yourself up for a fall, but your wallet will always be filled with cobwebs.

4. The bitter woman

This is the type who is angry at the world and sees her life as a constant battle. Gentlemen, you will never have a future with a woman who only has bad opinions about men — you know, the one who also likes to take everything out of context and interprets them her way. This type of woman will explode at any minute so don’t stick around hoping that you will be able to erase her anger. You can’t!

5. The insecure and jealous type

This woman is really hard to avoid as she usually treats her men very well. However, she is the type who needs constant reassurance that she is attractive and needs her partner to declare his love for her every minute of the day. She also will unleash her dragon-like features if she ever catches her man staring at another woman even if the other woman is only a picture in a magazine. Unless you want a life filled with frustration and constant nagging, avoid this type of woman.

6. The desperate type

Never fall for the type who is clingy, constantly yells for attention and accepts every bait you throw at her. She is also the type who is whiney and is in a hurry to get married. Sadly the traits of these women are usually hard to identify by men until they are well into the relationship, as these women always appear to be independent at the beginning of the relationship.

7. The workaholic

There is a saying that men are threatened by successful women and let’s just say that this woman gives men good reason for that. This type of woman is the one who lives at her office while everything and everyone else takes second place in her life. This is the type who will cancel her anniversary plans every year in order to tend to trivial matters at the office. Her BlackBerry pings are far more important than a conversation with her significant other and the list goes on. Take heed guys, this woman is married to her career and will never be a suitable wife or mother to your children.

originally written by BY SIMONE MORGAN All Woman writer  for the Jamaica Observer


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  1. I must admit that I read your blog entry to see if I fit into any of your categories. And THANK GOD that I don’t! Lol. Awesome read, I can’t wait to read others!

    • Thanks for Stopping by. I can assure you there are many more misadventures in store. I am currently engaged in the NanoWriMo contest so my posts might be a little slow as I churn out a 50,000 word novel in only 30 days.

  2. Kudos here. Except for number 2 though. It’s a cultural thing. My husband and I (as most couples here in the Philippines) are well attached to our families. But that doesn’t mean that all our decisions are anchored on them. Good thing my parents give us space (figuratively and literally as they live a few blocks from our home). They only come here when I ask them to (and that is to babysit my son when I go out of the house). They don’t poke their noses in our business. Only when I ask them to. As regards to my in-law, I put down my foot when a my husband’s dad attempts to aggressively assert his point-of-view or give unsolicited advice. I don’t tolerate controlling people.

    Unfortunately there are many in-laws out here who act as if they also said “I do” with the bride and groom (and the poor daughter/son in-laws let them trample their privacy out of misplaced respect for elders).

    • Hi Ira, Yes I do agree it is a cultural thing. In alot of countries families are very close knit. In America it seems to be the opposite. We tend to push our kids out of the house at around 18 to 21. At this point we can expect our parents to visit but not to be involved as we try to convince ourselves that we are grown-ups. (I’m still trying to convince myself of this).
      I agree that too many in-laws try to intervene in the budding relationship. That is when we need more people to put their foot down and say, Hey, Thanks but I got this. 🙂


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