December 8, 2012

The Love Addict Part 1

For her, he was the Sun who gave warmth to the day, the Moon that controlled the tides of the sea. His smile left her breathless. And a glance into his eyes left her frozen if even but for only a moment. When he held her close she was intoxicated off the smell of his skin. When they were apart she yearned for him. Maybe she was just a hopeless romantic but he gave her the feeling that this was a once in a lifetime type of passion. When they fought she went into a panic, desperately afraid she would never feel such passion again. She had felt dead inside for so many years. He was her remedy taking her through every possible emotion, a roller coaster of pleasure and pain. Peaks of elation and pits of heartbreak. It was intense and only seemed to get stronger with time.
But his love was fleeting. Just when it began to envelop her, it was gone. And when it was gone it was cold. It was cruel. She walked around in a daze going through withdrawals. She was lost without the smell of him. The taste of him.
Jamie E. Christian #JuzzJamie #TheLoveAddict


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  1. NIce!!!


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