December 31, 2012

Blog Focus

Blog Focus for Twenty-Thirteen (2013) and Beyond

You’ll notice some changes on the blog. I got bored with the old layout and content distribution and decided to give it a much needed face-lift. I hope you all enjoy. The changes to the Blog actually took place on March 1, 2012, but after my month of Black History posts I was not able to blog again until now. It was a busy year that took me away from what I loved to do. With that being said here is –

What’s Different:

  1. Custom Domain. I Had to. How else would I stand out from all the other word press sites.
  2. The theme. I had to, AGAIN. The other one was perfect as a transitional frame, but there needed to be a more youthful and energetic palate. The new theme is called “Headlines” and after mulling over all the different choices, I felt this was the best look. 
  3. Pages. I has them. I revamped the about page. Added a few other pages which will feature my writings in a simpler format to read. I got some feedback from readers that said it was hard to find past articles. I should have been posting under these added pages a long time ago, but with my sporadic posting and consistent disappearance acts it didn’t seem like the right time.
  4. Finally, the Various Delights page where I will post the short stories from now on as opposed to the homepage, which should help make the content appear to be a bit less haphazard.
  5. Widgets. I added ones specifically for easier navigation to favorite articles. Still updating the text in a few, so you’ll see that shortly.

This was how I wanted to do things months ago after I had reached my milestone 500 subscribers and decided to start posting on a daily basis. Seeing as my present circumstances are what they are I’ve got time again to focus on writing and updating the blog. I’m excited to finally get to work on the most important part, which is the content. I have decided to post twice a week for the time being as well as offer a list post once a month. This may change over time and know that I appreciate your patience and willingness to help.

Expect to see bigger and better changes in the near future. It’s not entirely finished, but I’ll be sure to make mention of any major improvements so you can check it out and give feedback if you so choose.

Take care and I’ll see you shortly!


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  1. I hope to God these financial things aren’t all you plan on blogging about. If so, you might as well kill me now. 😉


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