Alternate reality under construction – This is my little corner of cyber space that for all extensive purposes will attempt to make some since out of the past two years of my life. It has been a very hard road to travel down. I am glad I have had lots of company, thanks to the economy. This blog was created out of the hopes of launching my fledgling writing career. After years of fiddling around and writing pieces for fun, I am about to let the vivid imagines in my minds eye flow into the world, unfettered.

I was born, raised, and educated in the great city (borough) of Brooklyn, NY. I attended such schools as Brooklyn Technical High School, New York University and Colombia University. My major area of life experience and education revolves around computers and computer science, the whole digital age is my life in summary. Unlike most writers I have read or met, I do not posses a English major background. Truth be told, English was my worst subject. Believe it or not but I learned grammar while watching Saturday morning cartoons – specifically Schoolhouse Rock’s “Conjunction, junction, what’s your function” which aired between 1973 and 1999 before being cancelled.

One of my hobbies has been traveling. Whilst living and working in Tokyo, Japan for several years, I traveled extensively. Visiting far off places like China, Hong Kong, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, The Philippines, Australia, Kenya, Diego Garcia, United Arab Emirates, Macau, Canada, Mexico, and Colombia to name but a few. My travels have also lead me to visit many of the states in my home country of the United States. What kind of traveler would I be if i did not also explore the vast expanses of the very country I call home?

The only item to complete on my “Bucket List”, before my time is up and I move on to the next stage of existence, is to visit 80% of the worlds countries . When I first set this goal I had no idea what a bucket list was, I just knew that the world was bigger than New York City and I wanted to see it. Currently my focus has been on traveling to countries primarily in South America. While this might be my current area of focus, I am always looking for ideas, locations, times and places to visit – so feel free to drop me a line or extend me an invitation to travel.

I plan on posting twice a week on Alternate reality under construction. Tuesdays and Fridays seem about the best days so far. Please visit back, follow, subscribe and join me as I take you through some exciting new experiences.

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All ideas, features and content posted on Alternate Reality Under Construction is under copyright protection. Each individual post is copyrighted to its author. All contributing authors or guest authors retain rights to their work. All rights reserved for each member of Alternate Reality Under Construction.


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  1. Hi,
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    • Thanks

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