The Family

“The Family” is a bit of an experiment. The aim is to write 1 Novel, 50,000 Words, in 30 Days. Everyday I shall attempt to post a Chapter. The whole point of this is pretty simple really – just write, and see what happens.

A story that encaptures the reader with some highly original and highly creative ideas and plotlines that will keep you interested. “The Family” will be full of details, alternate storylines and characters that I hope you will love. The goal is to have, at the end of the day, a story that is good enough that people will tell others to read.

This particular story I am writing in pieces because it will be the basis of my first contest submissions. Most of it I will be writing, developing and creating while traveling to and from work. Traveling from the South Bronx to Wall Street is appreciably the same as what Dorothy experienced when she visited Oz. The New York City subway system provides me with the most amazing character selection opportunity imaginable.

“The Family” – is pure and uninhibited Fiction.


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